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About Us

Emmaus is a community-based nonprofit corporation founded in 1985 to provide housing and services to homeless adults and families in Haverhill, MA. Over the past three decades, the agency has grown to become a significant service provider and developer of affordable housing, offering one of the most innovative and comprehensive approaches to homelessness in the country.

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More than 92 cents out of every dollar we receive goes directly toward our programs:

  • Programs and services: 92%
  • General and administrative costs: 3%
  • Fundraising: 5%

Our funding sources

  • Grants & Contracts: 67%
  • Rental Income: 11%
  • Annual Giving & Events: 9%
  • Contributed Goods & Services: 13%

More than 700 volunteers, 150 businesses, 190 faith communities, plus 1000 donors contribute time, services & close to $500,000 in private gifts each year.

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